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The Ultimate Guide for Your Travel to Turkey

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The Ultimate Guide for Your Travel to Turkey

6 Helpful Tips for Travelling to Turkey

Turkey is one of the most beautiful and adventurous countries to explore. Geographically, it is located at the center of the world, fusing the East and the West. Its diversity and incredible culture are one of the reasons tourists flock to the country all year round to visit. From the landscapes, delightful cuisine, social and beautiful mosques, traveling to Turkey is an experience like no other. There are, however, some things you need to take note of before packing your bags and setting off on an exciting adventure to Turkey. These tips should save you the hassle of planning the trip while helping you make the best out of your holiday.

  • Obtain your visa

Before you can be allowed into Turkey, you need to have a visa. Customs in the country require you to apply for a visa; therefore, it is best to do it beforehand. Your passport should also have a validity of at least six months from the date you enter the country.

  • Get booking in advance

Istanbul is the capital of Turkey, and it has a wide range of hotels and apartments to choose from; therefore, it is essential to choose wisely. Even as you work with a budget, you will find accommodations within your fiscal strength. When you book early, you can also ask for discounts to ease expenses.

  • Picking up a few Turkish words goes a long way

Many of the locals speak Turkish, and finding an English Speaker can be difficult. Online programs could teach you phrases that could help you get by, converse by locals, order food, and even book hotels. Applications that translate Turkish to English can also help you learn Turkish.

  • Stay modest

A large percentage of the population is Muslim; therefore, most of the locals are conservative with their dressing. With many of them retaining their culture and traditions, it is essential that as a tourist to respect them. You can dress stylish, however, keep your attire modest.

  • Money matters

Ensuring your financials are in order is crucial when traveling. You can exchange some of your money at the airport to Turkish lira; however, there are other locations in the cities where you can find favorable rates. You can also find ATMs in the towns, credit card payment is allowed in some places. Remember to notify your bank to avoid your account being blocked.

  • Pack appropriately

Turkey experiences hot summers and freezing winters. In summer, pack light but decent clothes, sunglasses, and sun protection creams also come in handy, especially if you will take part in outdoor activities. If you visit Turkey in the winter, bring winter clothing to keep warm, and an umbrella is also convenient as it often rains.

The Secret to Saving Money When Travelling to Turkey

Turkey is one of these countries that burst with culture and exciting things to do when you visit. Dedicating anything less than three days for your visit will not quench your adventurous juices. Prolonging your tour will mean spending more money. Below are some ways to help you cut down on costs during your trip to Turkey:

  • Getting around

Public transportation is the most efficient and affordable when trying to travel around Turkey. Get an Istanbul card if you want to use the busses, ferries, trams, and metros at substantial fees. You can apply for the card online and recharge it whenever you want.

  • Get a museum pass

Turkish, being a historically rich country, has numerous museums. Fun activities to do in Turkey include visiting museums to learn the history and culture of the country. With a Museum pass, you will get entry to different museums for absolutely free. The validity of the card is for one visit to one museum.

  • Experience street food

Delicious is an understatement when it comes to describing Turkish food. You can never go wrong with either the sweet or savory dishes as the exquisite cuisines are enough to explode your taste buds. Sticking to street food is the cheapest option if you want to save money. Since Turkish meals are enormous, you will satisfy your appetite without spending a lot.

  • Book in advance

While the accommodation options in Turkey vary, you can always get amazing deals for booking early. Securing hotel accommodations and tour guides in advance is significantly cheaper. You are more likely to find substantial discounts being offered when you book beforehand.

  • Bargain

Turkey is well-known as a shopping haven from its markets, bazaar, and craft shops. The stunning items you can find here are low priced; however, one can quickly go over their head with shopping. It is essential always to remember to bargain. This way, you will stick to your budget while also getting souvenirs for your trip.

Turkey is one of those places you would never refuse a holiday trip: the country has a lot to offer and explore. As long as you are respectful of their culture, the people there will shower you with kindness. While you behave appropriately, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life during the trip.